A video I produced, which won the Grand Prize in Video for Beau Monde Traveler's 2020 Luxury Travel Competition.

"I work as a digital nomad whenever I can, using videography & photography as a vehicle to allow me to travel with a purpose. Travel is, of course, the best way to understand the world around us, and by documenting my travels, it allows me to establish a deeper meaning and understanding to the people and places I encounter. This video, in particular, alludes to my particular style of traveling the last few years through Europe, North & Central America, in which the goal is not necessarily “luxury” in the traditional sense of material things, but rather luxury as rich experiences that situate me fully into the culture and nature of the land I’ve inserted myself into. And if, along the way, I encounter a few luxurious castles or fancy local meals here and there, then so be it!"
videographer, editor, narrator (2020)

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