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As the content creator for The North American Epic tour in 2019, which ran from Tuktoyaktuk (Canada) to Panama City, video deliverables for this tour included long form documentaries, short form vignettes (in horizontal & vertical video), a trailer, photographs, blogs & social media posts, as well as being a 24/7 crew member.


I shot & edited (6) long-form documentary videos which are combined into (1) video below, including teaser trailer at start, documenting highlights & rider experience. Includes footage using GH5, Mavic Air drone, & GoPro Hero 6. Music incorporated using

I created dozens of minute-long 'vignettes' that were published during tours for audience engagement. All vignettes were shot & edited by me, as well as producing topics of discussion. Topics range from tour-specific FAQs, to general guidelines for long distance cycle touring. Here are a selection of highlighted vignettes (inquire for more).
Vertical Video

All above videos were also formatted for vertical video to view on mobile devices. Here are 2 example videos, inquire for more:
videographer, photographer, editor, writer (2019)​​​​​​​
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